BrickStreet CEO responds to audit findings

            It’s been more than a year since the workers’ compensation system was privatized and became BrickStreet Insurance.

            But this week, legislative auditors said the transition costs were excessive – more than 3 million dollars worth of excess. He spoke to Beth Vorhees about the audit findings on the television program “Outlook.” Below are links to video of the interview, a transcript of the interview, and comments by Legislative Auditor Aaron Allred.

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One Comment on “BrickStreet CEO responds to audit findings”

  1. I am sending this letter as i happened on this site. Brick Street in its almost two years of handling the workman comp in West Virginia has raised their rates to the point small business can not pay much longer. My rates went from 64. for a year with the old system to almost 300. in the bill that arrived Thursday, July 26. We, as business owners can not take many more increases like this. It is a state that does not help the small buisiness owner but rather big business. The new motto. Open For Business should be renamed Open for Big Business instead. I do not know personally how much longer I can afford my part time worker who works in my gift shop here in Hurricane. She works one day per week and as needed when I must travel. I am barely able to keep up expenses with the economy now and may very well have to let her go. I feel West Virgniia did not think this whole BrickStreet idea over. I have filed a complaint with the state insurance commission over them but sadly they are the ones who ok’ed the latest increases with our governor. Is there any help for us in the future? SAdly, probably not! I am on a crusade though as a business owner to help make some changes and get people to send letters to the commission along with a copy to the governor to let him know we can not continue doing busines in the state with these kinds of ridiculous rates. I never have even filed a complaint against comp in 12 years of donig business here. With a retail shop like mine you have no injuries to report. Therefore a different rate should be given us. Patricia Hager, owner of Whispering Wisteria House in Hurricane, WV

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