Old Standard Quarry development rejected by Jefferson Planning Commission

By Cecelia Mason

Opponents of a proposed business park next to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park won a battle last night – but the war is far from over. The Jefferson County Planning Commission unanimously rejected the developers’ request to rezone the Old Standard Quarry property.

The developers want to build a 150 room hotel and conference center and more than two million square feet of office space. Right now, most of the Old Standard property is zoned for rural use which would allow the developers to build about 30 houses on 330 acres. Eighty acres are zoned high density residential which would allow up to 16 hundred dwellings. The developers asked the Planning Commission to zone the property commercial.   

The property is surrounded on two sides by Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park. Superintendent Don Campbell opposes the zoning change.  Campbell says the quarry property is part of a battlefield during the 1862 confederate siege of Harpers Ferry Campbell and other preservationists are concerned that the office buildings will destroy the view from the park. The developers say the buildings will not be visible from the park.   

Now that the Planning Commission has rejected the zoning change, the Jefferson County Commission will take up the issue.

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