Music from the Mountains host Joe Dobbs says goodbye after 25 years

By Scott Finn 

For almost 25 years, Joe Dobbs has brought you some of the best musicians you may have never heard of. They’re your neighbors – accountants, teachers, garbage collectors, and lawyers – and Joe finds them and puts them on his show, Music from the Mountains. 

But tonight is Joe’s last show. He’s 72 years old, and he says we wants to spend more time playing with his own group, The 1937 Flood. Reporter Scott Finn met Joe at his St. Albans music store earlier this week, and he brings us this tribute. 

Finn: If it involves a musical instrument, you can do it at the Fret and Fiddle. You can buy it, you can learn to play it, and you can get it fixed.

Dobbs: Here’s the repair department. There’s a sick banjo come in. That one goes back to the early 1900s. 

Finn: And if you learn to play enough, you can come here to record an episode of Music from the Mountains. Joe Dobbs says his experiences at the store gave him the idea for the show. 

Dobbs: I opened a music store in 1976. And what really fascinated me was the number of people who came in who played exceptionally well, but who had no professional ambitions. Some of them played better than the professional people that we heard on records. So I thought it would be nice for them to be heard…

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