Landowner takes drastic steps to stop gas drilling on property

By Scott Finn 

Natural gas prices are at near-record highs, and there’s been a 65 percent increase in the number of permits for new wells since 2004. There’s been an increase in tension between landowners and natural gas producers, too. Last month, a Roane County judge upheld a four-hundred million dollar verdict in favor of residents who said that Chesapeake Energy was shorting them in royalty payments.

Here’s a story of another battle between a landowner and a gas driller, where the landowner took drastic steps to keep a well off his property. Scott Finn reports.

Finn: John Snyder had a dream for this little hollow in Roane County. He planned to build houses here for his daughter and son. Now on that spot, the sound of natural gas competes with the cicadas and the birds. A gas driller has dug a new well and built a new water tank about 100 feet from where Snyder wanted the houses to go. 

Snyder: This used to be my kids’ hundred acre wood. Cool, peaceful, the sun was filtered by the trees. It literally drove my daughter to tears when she saw what they were doing to what she wanted for a house site.

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