An appreciation of Charleston musician Derick Kirk

By Laura Allen 

In 2005, we brought you the story of Charleston-area musician Derick Kirk and his battle with cancer. He spoke eloquently about the toll the disease was taking on his life, and why he wanted to keep playing music through it all. Kirk passed away Wednesday at Hospice of Kanawha Valley. He was 28 years old.

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7 Comments on “An appreciation of Charleston musician Derick Kirk”

  1. Bill Says:

    A touching tribute. Laura did a really good job with this.

  2. Steve Himes Says:

    Nice job, Laura. Thanks for all you have done for the Charleston music scene. We miss you!

  3. Doug Payne Says:

    Thanks for that reflection on Derick, Laura. A very moving tribute to one of the nicest, most talented guys that WV has ever known. And while Derick may have learned from playing with us older guys from the start, it’s he who will be teaching us for years to come. Not only through his music, but by the incredible example he set during his battle with cancer. There’s really no better example of grace and dignity under fire than that which he left us with. God Speed, Derick. You’ll be with us in our hearts forever more. We’ll always love you!

  4. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the nice words about the piece…

    I have thought so much of Derick and his grace, as you put it Doug. He was a truly great person. Doing this piece brought back so many memories of his musical skill – but also of how good he was to others.

    Here’s to Derick – peace, brother.

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  6. Lisa Says:

    Thought you’d like to know that The Derick Kirk Foundation had it’s organizational meeting today. The Foundation is established in the memory of Derick, will have at least one concert annually, and will provide financial support to musical students of all ages in various ways. Please contact for more information.

  7. Phil P. Says:

    That was absolutely beautiful Laura.Steve and Doug. Derick’s legacy will always be in the memories we have of his quick wit, compassion and love of life. He defined friendship.

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