The Music of Coal

By Beth Vorhees

At-risk kids in Big Stone, Va., are served by the Lonesome Pine Office on Youth. Committed to the prevention of delinquency, the program keeps kids busy by working on history books about the area around Wise County, Virginia. That’s how the organization came to produce and publish a new collection of music about coal.

Jack Wright produced the CD, called Music of Coal. Wright grew up around coal mines in southwest Virginia. Today, he’s a film professor at Ohio University. Beth Vorhees spoke to Wright about the 48 songs he selected for Music of Coal, and the people who recorded them.

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One Comment on “The Music of Coal”

  1. Granny S. Says:

    I bought the book and cd set the same day I heard your interview with Jack Wright. I can’t tell you how incredible the collection is. The quality of the music is outstanding, and the lyrics–they send shivers down my spine.

    My husband’s father was a miner and had black lung. The collection tells me more about this man that I only knew when he was old and feeble. Thank you for the interview, and the opportunity to hear this fine, fine music.

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