Discovery of frozen WW II airman renews family’s hope

By Keri Brown

In 1942, an Army Air Corps plane crashed during a training exercise in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. The plane included Aviation Cadet Ernest Glenn Munn. His body was not recovered. But two years ago, sisters Sarah Zares and Jean Pyle were optimistic their brother was finally found. They received news that hikers had come across the body of an airman frozen in ice near the crash site.

“He had blond hair and large feet, a tall person fits him. I just thought God was working in our favor, he was answering a prayer for us,” Zares said in 2005.

The body turned out to be someone else on that plane. It was disappointing news for a family that never had closure. But the discovery of another frozen airman has renewed hope that Cadet Munn will finally go home.

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