Decision not to file hate crimes charges doesn’t simplify role of race in rape, torture of woman

By Anna Sale 

Anna Sale: The US Attorney for WV’s Southern District Charles Miller announced Wednesday afternoon that for now, federal prosecutors will not pursue hate crimes charges in this case.

Charles Miller: There are several different areas under federal law that are protected, and the facts of a particular case have to fit in one of those statutes. But in this particular case, the fact that state charges are currently pending was a factor in our decision to say go ahead and pursue those charges given the fact that the potential penalties are very very serious. 

Anna Sale: But that announcement doesn’t necessarily simplify the question of what role race played in this horrific crime. Click her for rest of story.

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One Comment on “Decision not to file hate crimes charges doesn’t simplify role of race in rape, torture of woman”

  1. Janice H. Says:

    What do you mean these animals will not be charged with a hate crime? You have got to be kidding right? What does it take for you people to charge whites who commit these kinds of atrocious crimes with hate? What do Black people have to do to get justice? I guarantee if the victim was white these animals would be charged with a hate crime. It is outrageous that Charles Miller decided that he would not charge these animals with a hate crime, what gives him the right to make such a decision and what does he base this on? Is he a black man who has been subject to racism? Does he understand what it feels like to be discriminated against, to be judged solely on the color of your skin? If not, he is not in a position to make such a decision. But then again, unfortunately, for us, he is in such a position. I wish for once, others would put themselves in our shoes and imagine someone in their family being treated as this young woman was and why was her picture released in the press? This is unforgiveable and wrong.

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