Victim’s family calls for hate crime charges

The parents of Megan Williams held a press conference Thursday afternoon to call on the Logan Co. prosecutor to vigorously pursue hate crime charges. Carmen and Matthew Williams were joined by three local African American ministers. “Why is it when it comes to the question of hate crimes, especially as it is inflicted on African Americans, we are hesitant, reluctant. We try to be diplomatic, and we don’t want to call it what it is,” said Rev. Emanuel Heyliger of Ferguson Memorial Baptist Church in Dunbar. “America has a bright side and a dark side,” according to Cornel West. “And this is part of our dark side. And we must deal with it.”

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One Comment on “Victim’s family calls for hate crime charges”

  1. Debi B. Says:

    I think these animals would have done it to whomever they could have captured. I think the racial statements were just part of the abuse. 10 years for a hate crime – 35 years for sexual assualt and life for kidnapping. If they can tack on the hate crime charges onto the other charges then they should, but I want these animals away for long, long time, life if possible

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