600-plus nurses on strike in West Virginia, Kentucky

By Suzanne Higgins
A hospital system originally created by the United Miner Workers Union is now embroiled in its own labor dispute. More than 600 nurses in West Virginia and Kentucky are in a third day of a walkout from their posts at Appalachian Regional Hospitals, and replacement workers are on their way in. Members of both state nurses associations struck at 12:01 a.m. Monday after rejecting the fourth contract proposed since May by Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc.

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One Comment on “600-plus nurses on strike in West Virginia, Kentucky”

  1. andee Says:

    Oct. 26th: Although it has taken far too long, word of your struggle is geting out to unionized nurses across the country. Please know that we support your struggle, understand both the causes of understaffing and mandatory overtime (too stressed to perform safe patient care) and the real challenge you are facing from a union busting administration. We suport you with our hearts and our dollars. What do you need from the nursing community?

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