Charleston mayor discusses Megan Williams march

Local and national NAACP leaders say they do not support Saturday’s march that will call on prosecutors to file hate crimes charges in the Megan Williams case. Charleston Mayor Danny Jones says he doesn’t mind that the march will take place, but he wants people to be aware of the background of the march’s leader. Mayor Jones speaks with Beth Vorhees.

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2 Comments on “Charleston mayor discusses Megan Williams march”

  1. Villager Says:

    Focus on the message of the march … not the messenger.

    That was the lesson that I learned 10 years ago at the Million Man March. As such, I support the National March Against Hate Crimes that is slated for your state on Saturday.

    peace, Villager

  2. dsf Says:

    If the police were as involved as this article claims, and that should be easy to verify, then the kidnapping charges are pretty much worthless, and I am not so sure that the sexual assault charges can stand up to a trial.

    The cuts however are different. In many states, cutting another person is illegal even if the cutting and all other activities are consensual.

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