Greenbrier wind farm appeals heading to Supreme Court

The state Supreme Court will hear two appeals that challenge the permits for a $300 million wind farm in Greenbrier County. John Stroud is with the group Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy, which is fighting the project. 

“In the last 30 years the state has worked very hard to developed a tourist economy. People aren’t going to come here from New Jersey to sit on the back porch of a bed and breakfast and watch win turbines spin,” Stroud said. “If they want to see industrial development on the country side they will stay in New Jersey. On that economic point that I think it’s a disaster for the state. In terms of wildlife they are particularly hard on bats, but to a certain degree birds.” 

Chicago-based Invenergy wants to build the proposed Beech Ridge energy Wind Farm along a 23-mile stretch of ridgeline in northern Greenbrier County. Steve White of the Affiliated Construction Trades Foundation says that the wind farm would help the state in different ways. 

“A number of things, immediate issue of course representing construction workers, there’s some significant jobs for construction workers,” White said. “There will be some significant property tax for the communities where these wind mills are located. Three it diversifies our states energy production so it’s not just coal production, but it is an additional methodology of wind which for has some environmental pluses to it. It has zero emissions.” 

The Supreme Court will hear the case January 9th.

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One Comment on “Greenbrier wind farm appeals heading to Supreme Court”

  1. D. Buhrman Says:

    At the above link I learned a recent post-construction study from a smaller Invenergy wind project on Buffalo Mountain, Tennessee reports 63.9 bats killed per turbine per year! If Beech Ridge is built that could translate into 158,472 bats killed by the 124 turbines over the 20 year life of the project.
    (Bats produce only one or two offspring per year and their lifespan is normally 30 years. They eat a lot of mosquitos during that lifespan.)

    Pretty big impact for a wind plant whose summer output will be equal to about 4% of one modern conventional plant. Now I know why it has been said that the negative impact to forest habitat per megawatt of electricity actually produced can be greater w/ wind turbines than conventional plants. .

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