Greg Hunter of Blue & Gold News discusses Rodriguez departure

Greg Hunter, editor and publisher of Blue & Gold News, joined Beth Vorhees on West Virginia Morning to discuss the departure of football coach Rich Rodriguez.

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3 Comments on “Greg Hunter of Blue & Gold News discusses Rodriguez departure”

  1. Budda and the Beast Says:

    I think the lack of leadership on both sides has gotten out of control and we are missing the whole point of football and dedication to the program. If coach Rod disaplines his players he should also be dicaplined for his sneeky tactics of going to Michigan. In my bussiness a man’s word goes along with his honor. When he stooped to stealing committed recruits and has the nerve to put down coach Tricket for doing the same thing. In closing I hope coach Rod’s big ten future is short lived.

  2. FRED Says:

    First let me say that when you enter the state of West Virginia it should read Rich Rodriquez Not Welcome. I am sad in the fact that for a man who told us that he would be with us until we ran him out . Then he goes behind our school to meet with the Michigan AD. Don’t make an excuse that your wife Rita didn’t get a sideline pass while she sat up in one of the luxury suites having drinks and enjoying the game with friends.
    These young men gave you everything and you slapped them in the face. They deserved better. In closing I would like to say consider yourself ran out !!!!

  3. hawkeye Says:

    As the majorityy focus on ill advised phone calls they should be reminded of what has taken place in Morgantown during Coach Rods tenure. I know loosing a coach of his professed loayalty hurts down deep but the cupboard is not as bare as it was when he arrived. This opening is a great job and will be considered by others to be a great job if this situation just goes away. The longer and more public the Universitys Athletic Dept., fans, boosters and media continue to hold onto “Why did he leave” and just focus on he is gone and who can we get now the better the program can and will be. Unlike when Coach Rod was hired the University can go get someone of his level and accomplishment to step in. That fact should speak volumes about all the efforts by the University, coaches, boosters, alumni and fans to raise the WVU football program into the National spotlight. No one likes a sore looser but rather we all should be gracious winners for what has been achieved and what the great football program that we have will achieve in the future without Coach Rod.

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