Mylan Inc. statement in support of COO Heather Bresch

“Mylan stands behind the integrity of its long-time employee and senior executive Heather Bresch. Ms. Bresch is a highly qualified and well-respected industry leader with an exemplary track record of success, established throughout her fifteen year career with the company. Rather than relying on anonymous and unsubstantiated sources, Mylan has received confirmation from West Virginia University that Ms. Bresch received her MBA in December 1998. Ms. Bresch has the full respect and confidence of Mylan’s Board of Directors and management team.

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5 Comments on “Mylan Inc. statement in support of COO Heather Bresch”

  1. Yogi Says:

    Heather Bresch is an individual for whom the concepts of integrity and respect are not applicable. She probably will come out of the MBA scandal smelling like a rose for the same reasons she got the job at Mylan in the first place. She is a Manchin. I hope someone at WVU still has enough integrity to take a stand and expose this sham.

  2. Craig Says:

    I’m afraid not Yogi – it would appear that West Virginia has and will continue to be known as a “banana republic” state. The funny thing – I had no idea how corrupt this state government under the current governor was, till i linked a story concerning the Rich Rodriguez story. Talk about blow back from that – all the state has now done is bring some attention across the country on the way it hired its current no credential president at WVU, as well as show that the school would actually change records to help its governor’s daughter. I hope this story catches fire and becomes a nationwide embarrassment to WV – then, and only then, will they be able to gain some respectability.

  3. AJay Says:

    We’re looking forward to your statement of support in light of the decision to rescind Ms. Bresch’s degree.

    April 24, 2008

    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University administrators made a “seriously flawed” decision fraught with favoritism in awarding Mylan Inc. executive Heather Bresch a graduate degree she didn’t earn, investigators said in a scathing report released yesterday.

    The report by the five-member panel concluded administrators acted hastily, using ambiguous and incomplete information to award an M.B.A. degree retroactively in October to Ms. Bresch, the daughter of West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin.

    Provost Gerald Lang said he would follow the recommendation of the investigative panel and the university’s Board of Governors and rescind the degree.

  4. Yasmin Says:

    Perhaps the company should have waited before issuing a statement of support for Heather Bresch. What integrity does she have now? All the hoopla could have been avoided if she was honest enough to admit she didn’t have an MBA rather than claiming she did. Did Heather Bresch really think she could get away with getting a degree with a simple phone call to the newly appointed WVU president and one of Gov. Manchin’s (Heather’s father) faithful man, Mike Garrison? Because of her, there are now more people who question Gov. Manchin’s integrity (for how could he raise a child who lies and he wants us to feel sorry for his daughter because of what WVU did to her?) and of course, people now question Mike Garrison’s integrity too (is he really trying to say that he didn’t know what his right hand man, Craig Walker was doing? If he didn’t then one can assume he doesn’t know how to lead. If he did, then Garrison ought to resign too because he okayed this decision. Does he think degrees can just be handed out because Heather Bresch is Manchin’s daughter? Think again! I hope the vote of no confidence wins against Mike Garrison. He is ultimately responsible for this debacle)

    Fortunately, there are enough honest people that finally ended the shenanigans of all the people involved. But in the end, it won’t matter because I’m sure Heather Bresch will keep her job at Mylan.

  5. karl Says:

    Heater Bresch put in an application and the decision was made to grant her her degree. What she did is highly moral and ethical. I think many of you have no concept of ethics. Please read the many works of Bertrand Russell, which by the way at Michigan State was required reading in my Freshman!! writing course. If WVU have erred or some ad hoc committee thinks that some of their academics (dean and provost) erred in awarding her her degree, then that is a problem with WVU, not Ms. Bresch. To take pot shots at someone who applies for a degree based on course work and also life and work experience is totally appropriate. Many of our Professional Engineers have also PEs based on similar standards. This sounds like a politically motived (Salem or Eldoroado,Texas) witch hunt. I agree with Mylan and have full confidence in Ms. Bresch. The one’s whose integrity should be questioned, in my humble opinion, are those on the committee, who after the fact are being arm chair quarterbacks, and now questioning the WVU policies. If something is amiss in the procedure, then fix it. But to penalize a WVU student who has recently been granted her E-MBA for procedural and policies problems at WVU is to further exacerbate the problem. I think Ms. Braesch has legal, moral and ethical grounds for a major law suit against those who have questioned her integrity and ethics. I find this highly disturbing, and would suggest based on the Equal Protection Clause of the USA Constitution that equivalent committees be formed and convene and go over every other degree which has been conferred at WVU where any student petitioned for any exception from exams, reports, credit waivers, … What is good for the gander is good for the goose. Again, I think this is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt (Salem, MA, Hexe Brennen, …). We thought the Witch Hunts and Witch burning were long past, but they are back in West Virginia and in Eldorado, Texas where the women have had over 450 children kidnapped from them. Sad, Of course, Witch tirals and burnings are now modernized and evolved, as are the cases in WV and Texas. For more reading
    (in German, so it has occurred in Europe as well as the States).

    Sounds like a good theme for a PhD in the history of the evolution of witch hunts and burnings in Europe and the USA. This case can be a classical example of how the process has evolved and morphed in Texas.

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