WVU provost discusses Bresch MBA degree controversy

By Greg Collard 

Today is the first day of the spring semester at WVU. Since students and professors went on break, the school became embroiled in an academic controversy.           

Today, WVU Provost Gerald Lang is scheduled to address the school’s faculty senate about an investigation into how an MBA degree was awarded to Governor Joe Manchin’s daughter, Heather Bresch. On December 21st, a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette raised several questions.

The newspaper started its investigation in October after Bresch was named chief operating officer of the pharmaceutical company Mylan Inc. Its chairman, Milan Puskar, is one of WVU’s largest benefactors. A reporter called WVU to verify Bresch had earned an MBA in 1998. According to WVU records, she had not earned the degree. Bresch was 22 credit hours short. Then, about two weeks later, WVU awarded her degree retroactively. Provost Lang said WVU’s College of Business and Economics had failed to transfer those 22 credits to the registrar’s office.  

But how WVU officials came to that conclusion has raised more questions, and Lang has appointed a three-member panel to investigate. Greg Collard spoke to Lang about the controversy. His first question was if all this could be cleared up if Bresch would give WVU permission to release her transcript.

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