Wheeling’s Capitol Music Hall could reopen

By Keri Brown

A local non-profit organization announced earlier this month that it was working on a plan to reopen the Wheeling Jamboree after being on hiatus since Dec. 2005. The future of the Capitol Music Hall, however, is still uncertain. Discussions are underway to get the theater open once again.

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3 Comments on “Wheeling’s Capitol Music Hall could reopen”

  1. Shannan Says:

    I have a idea to bring in more money to be donated by the whole Ohio Valley, including Ohio and WVA working together. I have a B.A in Music from Otterbein College. Have done Musicals with the Music Hall Players at the Capital since I was 6 years old Until the closing. I will be conctacting The Chamber on this issue.

  2. David S. Says:

    My wife & I used to come down to Wheeling to see country shows at the Capital Music Hall.

    We would like to see Country shows of some of the oldies come back, such as George Jones,Bill Anderson , Floyd Cramer Etc.

    Hope to hear from you about this in the near future.

    Dave Sprouse,2611 Woodsdale Rd., Salem, Ohio 44460

  3. Rita B. Says:

    My family and I would travel from Canada to see the shows at the Capital Music Hall at least twice a year. We would make a weekend of it, going to the shows (sometimes 2) and going to the dog races. I have missed the shows and hope that the hall will soon be opened for busines again.

    I hope to get some positive news soon.

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