Child custody laws debated at Capitol

By Tom Miller 

WV’s child custody laws were the subject of a public hearing at the Capitol Weds. Three bills were up for debate before House Judiciary members, but most of the attention was on the bill that would make 50/50 shared parenting the default in custody battles.

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One Comment on “Child custody laws debated at Capitol”

  1. Good thing. as news that family court is completely dysfunctional appears to only be news to media – which does not cover family court, the busiest court in the nation.

    Which is exactly why is popular; and exactly why can impact judicial races.

    As the various commission on judicial misconduct continue to be next to useless, only provides the public and attorneys with a remedy to make more public, good and bad judges. For $45.00 anyone experiencing a good or bad judge can make a detailed report; which will be made available to the press come election time. Unlike these so-called Anonymous rating sites with little credibility, requires case numbers, experts, (if any are used) and opposing counsel. Got a gripe or an atta boy? is the place to make it known.

    Media is last to the party in this regard as the power of the vote by the people for the people, is returned to the people.

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