Bill would outlaw mountaintop removal

By Scott Finn 

Senator Jon Hunter has introduced a bill Wednesday that would essentially outlaw mountaintop removal mining.  Hunter is promising a public hearing on mountaintop removal.

As acting chairman of the Senate Energy and Mining Committee, he has the power to at least put the bill on the agenda.  But first, he gave what he called a public confession on the Senate floor. Hunter was visibly nervous as he shuffled the papers of his speech. Other Senators turned in their chairs to watch. 

“I have a confession to make,” Hunter said. He came out against mountaintop removal, saying God “didn’t intend to destroy mountains….”

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3 Comments on “Bill would outlaw mountaintop removal”

  1. Vernon H. Says:

    Thank God for a legislator who has the courage to stand up for the people and stand up to a bully industry that thinks it owns the WV government. Mountaintop removal is just plain wrong, an embarrassment to the state and a national disgrace. We need sustainable “green” jobs in fields such as renewable energy and not the temporary jobs and false prosperity for a select few that the coal industry provides. Montani Semper Liberi!

  2. Patty S. Says:

    Yes a great big Thanks Senator Hunter. Those of us who live in the coalfields have well water as our only source of water. There are some people who have black stuff coming out of their faucets, strong chemical odors in their water and some with a greasy sheen on it. There are some people who’s wells have completely went dry after blasting nearby. I ask what will people living in the coalfields do when there isn’t any safe water left? I personally asked for the PSD to extend the water lines to our homes 6 years ago and still no water line. This is a human rights issue. Please help Senator Hunter “Do the right thing”!

  3. John D. Says:

    Don Blankenship, with the help of judges and politicians he’s bought, will find a way to kill this. I appreciate the effort though.

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