WV Poison Center’s view of prescription drug abuse problem

By Anna Sale  

In November, West Virginia Public Broadcasting and the Charleston Gazette reported that drug overdoses and other types of poisonings now kill more people in America than guns – and West Virginia leads the nation in these fatal poisonings. We reported these findings in a joint investigative series called Prescription for an Epidemic. 

The recent death of actor Heath Ledger put another spotlight on this problem. Toxicology results indicate he died of an accidental overdose of legal painkillers, anti-anxiety medication and sleeping pills. There was another news item last week that caught our attention. A report shows that West Virginia leads the nation in drug prescriptions, with an average of more than 17 per person. 

Dr. Elizabeth Sharman heads the West Virginia Poison Center. She explains why she believes the report on drug prescriptions is a bit misleading.

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One Comment on “WV Poison Center’s view of prescription drug abuse problem”

  1. steve hayes Says:

    West Virginia also has a high prescription drug addiction problem. As the director of Novus Medical Detox, I daily see the horrors created by the prescription drug epidemic to all ages.

    The number of ruined lives that come from the use of these prescription drugs is rapidly growing and must be stopped.

    Please help us educate the public.

    Steve Hayes

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