Inside Appalachia – March 1, 2008

Among this week’s stories: The role of superdelegates in the presidential race, the search for Sasquatch in West Virginia, Blair Mountain nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, and casino gambling legislation gets back on track in Kentucky. Plus, an update on the Tennessee-Georgia border/water dispute.

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One Comment on “Inside Appalachia – March 1, 2008”

  1. Gary S. Says:

    Unbelievable. I’m in the car listening to Inside Appalachia (March 8) and the correction I wrote to you about comes over the air. Certainly you got my permission and were allowed to edit my comment, but never again will I grant permission without a script of what it is you intend to say. This is in reference to the Feb 29th story on nuclear power plants in Kentucky. I wrote about bad reporting and factual errors. Did you not see one of the clearly major factors of me writing the letter to you? Danger from nuclear waste from power plants lasts at least 10,000 years which makes it 1,000 decades. That is much, much different from the five or ten decades indicated by your reporter. In as much as ancient Egypt is only 500 decades in the past, I thought that the inaccuracy of the story was more than a tad significant. You edited my comment to one of a cotton ball of insignificance. You actually stopped before the important part of my comment. The time required to neutralize the danger of invisible death from spent fuel from nuclear power plants is one of the worlds great problems and not insignificant. I pointed that out to you in my email and yet you pulled from my letter some of the most important information I wrote to you about. Editor’s prerogative is one thing, but someone gutted my comment. Shame on you. On this matter my opinion is there is either a bad editor, someone was influenced by the nuclear proponents, or perhaps, worried about the loss of program funding. I’ve no ax to grind here, but you didn’t get to the crux of the letter which was egregious errors with the facts in the original story, and now, terrible editing to the comment that pointed that out. Disappointing indeed.

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