Drunk driver guilty in wreck that killed five people

By Emily Corio

A Monongalia County jury today (Friday) found Brian J. Stone of Cheat Lake guilty of killing five people while driving drunk.Seven others were also injured last July when Stone, driving with a blood alcohol level .23 percent, struck a car on Interstate 68 and pushed it across the median into oncoming traffic.

Stone’s truck also crossed the median and crashed in brush alongside the highway.  He was found walking away from the wreck.

Overall, Stone was found guilty of all 25 charges sent to the jury, including 12 counts of leaving the sceen of a wreck that caused death and injury.The courtroom was full Friday afternoon with the victim’s family and friends and Stone’s family.  Donnie Evans, father of Courtney Evans and grandfather of Sawyer Evans, who both died in the wreck, cried when the verdict was read.

“My reaction is not full because we will never have our son and our grandson back but we have had justice here today,” Donnie Evans said.

Marcia Perry’s family was in the SUV heading west on I-68.  Her husband, Donnell, and daughters, Jentil and Jacquesha, were also killed in the wreck.

“I’m very happy they came to this decision, very happy.  You know, that doesn’t bring my husband and my girls back, but at least it saves other people and other families from going through what I went through,” Marcia Perry said. 

Perry herself is still recovering from injuries she suffered from the wreck.

This was Stone’s third DUI offense. The defense claimed that the wreck happened because Stone’s truck tire blew out, not because he was drunk.  But the defense acknowledge that Stone was driving drunk.  Stone’s blood alcohol level of .23 percent was almost three times the state’s legal limit.

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One Comment on “Drunk driver guilty in wreck that killed five people”

  1. Anne Koslik Says:

    It seems like yesterday I sat with Sheena Evans while she described in detail the agony she and her husband went through shortly before they hit the Perry vehicle which had my grandchildren Korie and Ayana Perry in as passangers along with their PaPa Donnell, Grandma Marcia, cousin baby Myiah, Aunties Kiki, Tel Tel and Justine. I cried my eyes out watching Marcia on the stand today. I can’t imagine but can understand the anger that Abdul had sitting next to the murderer of his family in that courtroom. Thank you for justice in this case. It will not bring anyone back but it will stop Brian Stone! Anne Koslik – Connecticut

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