Cabell drug-testing policy includes students who drive to school

By Clark Davis

The Cabell County School Board has approved a random drug-testing policy for studetns who want to drive to school or participate in an extra curricular activity. Click here for rest of story.

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One Comment on “Cabell drug-testing policy includes students who drive to school”

  1. David Tackett Says:

    This has got to be the stupidest policy I ever heard. First off the drugs they are testing for on the NIDA 5 all are undetectable within 3 days except for marijuana the least harmful of the drugs. Also by scaring the children from using marijuana it will drive them to do drugs that cannot be detected, which are generally more hardcore and expensive. To make it even worse the kids that smoke weed on the weekends and drive home, which weeds effects on motorskills is debatable, will begin to just consume alcohol. Though alcohol is easier to get a hold of and more widely excepted among the younger high schoolers it is much more dangerous because of drunk driving and alcohol poisening. Overall this policy is a threat to the decisions made by our children. The fact that high schoolers will particpate in drug use no matter what is just a fact of growing up and maturing into an adult. If the children don’t experimnet they don’t know what to look out for when they are older.

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