Heather Bresch didn’t earn MBA from WVU, report says

By Emily Corio

Mylan COO Heather Bresch, the daughter of Governor Manchin, did not earn an MBA degree from West Virginia University, and WVU administrators showed “seriously flawed” judgment in awarding Bresch that degree.

That’s the conclusion of a report by a panel of five investigators, released today by WVU. The report severely criticizes WVU Provost Gerald Lang and business school dean Steve Sears for granting Bresch a business degree retroactively, even though they had no grounds to do so.

But the report recommends no disciplinary action against anyone involved. It also says the controversy is not a sign of deeper problems at the school.

Instead, it says that administrators rushed to protect Bresch and themselves from media scrutiny, after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette started asking questions about Bresch’s degree.

Bresch maintains she was given the OK to have work experience count for credit. The Post-Gazette reported she was 22 credit hours short of obtaining her degree.

Mylan Inc. is a major contributor to the WVU school of business.

Bresch is also a friend of WVU President Mike Garrison. The report says there was pressure from Lang and the president’s office to help Bresch.

The criticism stems from an Oct. 15 meeting where WVU officials decided to grant Bresch the degree retroactively. Also attending were Sears, WVU chief of staff Craig Walker, general counsel Alex Macia, communications director Bill Case and three others from business school.

“The panel believes the prevailing sentiment at the meeting, evinced by the actions and comments of the provost and the representatives of the president’s office, was that a way should be found to justify the granting of the degree, if at all possible,” the report says.

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5 Comments on “Heather Bresch didn’t earn MBA from WVU, report says”

  1. Rob Says:

    So what happens now?

    Does this mean that she’s not really qualified to hold her post?
    Has she gained a job through false pretences?

    or maybe noone knows!

  2. Robert Fisher Says:

    She’ll keep her position because her dad is the governor of WV and the two families (Gov. Manchin and Mylan Puskar) are long time friends. She was also on the crew that helped President Garrison get hired, a man that lobbied for many of the businessmen that make up the WVU Board of Governors. Also, the Manchin’s and many of the Board of Governors can be linked through business dealings to one another. Also, Mylan is WVU’s biggest financial benefactor (donor). They are all connected at the top, so nothing significant will probably happen.

  3. Melanie Says:

    Rwgardles of wether she keeps her job it shows the type of crooked politics Manchin plays.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    This is most disheartening and disgusting to those of us who have worked hard, borrowed money, and sacrificed time with family to complete a graduate education so that we can be given opportunities in leadership positions, only to find out that those with connections can lie, take shortcuts and cheat the system to get ahead.

    Most of us can look around our own institutions and organizations and see favored hires, and people in positions due to marrying the CEOs daughter or dating the boss’s son, but watching this dirty little game play out with the aid and assistance of high level academic officers disturbs me more than the entirety of Ms Bresch’s deception.

    By now it should not be shocking to anyone that people of privilege continue to think they play by different rules (we continue to see evidence that they do). It is sad, however, that people hired to protect academic integrity are so easily swayed by political power and influence, whether real or perceived.

  5. Riko Says:

    If she’s a lying scumbag about her degree how can her subordinates believe anything she says at Mylan?

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