WVU President Garrison responds to Heather Bresch MBA degree controversy

WVU President Mike Garrison says he was never involved in the decision to grant Mylan Pharmaceutical COO Heather Bresch an MBA degree. He says he’s taking his time deciding whether to discipline any staff involved in the decision. Garrison says Heather Bresch is not the first current or former student to contact him with similar concerns…

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5 Comments on “WVU President Garrison responds to Heather Bresch MBA degree controversy”

  1. ann bridges Says:

    I am interested to read that the Govenor said that he and his wife Gail were “proud of their daughter, Heather” If they had taught her to take responsibility for her mistakes, this embarrassing mess might have been avoided. Since it was not handled that way, Michael Garrison should resign and take his Provost and the Dean of the Business School with him. The fact that none of them has shown any remorse for changing grades (incomplete to letter grades) and adding classes (some twenty hours) is unbelievable. The only way that the University can move on is without them and with a President who is NOT in the pocket of the Govenor.

  2. Don Says:

    Where has WV media been through this entire disaster? Fluff and more fluff. PPG continues to take the lead and turn up solid evidence. Morgantown Dominion Post, Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail continue to report week unsupported comments. Read the Panel report and quit being the outlet for the bums. What about the criminal behavior of Lang, Sears, Logar, and Blakely. They falsified records and claim that they would do it again. They are our academic trust? Don’t just fire them, prosecute them.

  3. Monty M. Says:

    It would take a idiot to surmise that Garrison is not guilty of applying pressure to his cronies and agreeing to adding and giving bogus grades to Heather Bresch.This is West Virginia politics at its worst.Bresch’s own incompetence in monitoring her coursework has led to an unbearable situation wherein two reliable men have been forced to resign from the University.In pursuring my own masters work I always knew where I stood in relation to graduation requirements.Was she not capable of doing this?Also,I have a transcript and a diploma to prove my endeavors. Were these items not important to her?I guess it does not have to be important when one has a great job and political connections!

  4. Candace Shearer Says:

    Please , Mr. Garrison, do the noble thing and step down. West Virginia loves WVU and this is unaccceptable at best.

    This is what happens when a governor is too involved with a state university and its policies. We need a clean sweep from the top down. West Virginia can never progress with the back room politics that have plagued us for too many years.

    What will it take to let the light in????

  5. sarah Says:

    I think it takes a real loser to fake an exec. MBA degree in the first place. It is not rocket science: pay the tuition, show up to class, and write some papers and presentations (and get help on that too)…. Why soooo much greed to even fake that?

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