In Man, Obama’s race and name give Clinton advantage

By Anna Sale

Polls and national pundits aren’t giving Barack Obama much hope for a victory in WV. A March poll showed Hillary Clinton leading Obama by 28 percentage points, with 18% undecided. In the small town of Man in Logan County, Hillary Clinton has nothing to worry about this primary season.

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13 Comments on “In Man, Obama’s race and name give Clinton advantage”

  1. Ted Says:

    The whole world is predicting a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton in West Virginia’s upcoming primary. They believe it is impossible for West Virginians to be open-minded enough to vote for the best candidate, even if he happens to be black. Come on West Virginia, show the world how wrong they are!

  2. Brad Says:

    Ted, I hate to break it to you, but the mindset of the early part of the 20th Century, will not go away in the state of West Virginia. Open-minded is the last thing on their minds, so hang this one up. Enjoy West Virginia’s glorious scenery and stunning topography–there is a reason it is called “wilderness.” Natch.

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  4. bossandnova Says:

    This is distressing, but a real glimpse into the mindset of these people. Thanks, WV Public Broadcasting!

  5. Jan H. Says:

    I would really like to think that West Virginians are smarter than they’ve been portrayed. I guess we won’t know until we see the results of the primary. I must admit I don’t understand the mindset of a group of people who believe everything thats been dished out to them by the Clintons. Can they honestly be that gullible?

  6. Ruby Says:

    West Virginia voters support Hillary Clinton for President because they know she is the best candidate. Hillary has the best health care plan and the best education plan. Hillary Clinton will fight for us and never give up! I am an Illinois voter who supports Hillary and not Senator Obama from my state of Illinois. He has not given us change we can believe in. He has given us politics as usual in Illinois. Not a good thing!

  7. Jonathon J. Says:

    In Man, a man can be dismissed by the color of his skin and his name? Seriously. What a sad little town. Perhaps we’re not giving them the credit they deserve. We’ll have to wait and see what the results are.

  8. john t Says:

    I believe the voters of west virginia will prove these results over-blown.

    Senator Clinton represents the status quo. Many folks in WV, like elsewhere, are fed up with the status quo, and are equally fed up with politicians who pander to special interest groups and run dishonest campaigns such as the one she is currently waging.

    West Virginians wanting change will come out next Tuesday and prove these polls wrong.

  9. Dawn Says:

    It’s really ashame that west virginians are allowing Hillary Clinton to use them for her own personal gain in this most important presidential campaign. How does it make you feel when you hear her say ‘low-class, uneducated white voters’? Does that not sound like someone who’s saying that west virginians are ignorant, can’t think for themselves, stuck behind the times and down right gullible. People, let’s take a reflective look at the candidate that will bring about the best change for all of us in the future.

  10. Connie Says:

    I really hope the people of West Virginia realize that we need a change in Washington and Obama is that person. Think beyond all the media as said, Obama wants to unite us all, we can all agree to disagree but we need to compromise on the issues. Do you really want to be known as rascist, backwoods, uneducated? thats what they are all saying! prove to them that you are in the year 2008 with the rest of the majority and cast your vote for Obama!

  11. Ruby Says:

    Hillary Clinton really does cares about us and about these issues: the economy, health care, education, and job opportunities. Hillary is our strongest candidate. She is staying in this Presidential primary campaign because she is our best hope to win in November. Her supporters know that Hillary will fight for us and never give up fighting for us. She has always worked hard to help those who are in need of help. Right now we all need a President who cares about us and will speak up for us.

    God bless Hillary! God bless America!

  12. Tina Finley Says:

    I really think it is in our best interest to get Obama or Clinton in office. And hearing people say they would vote for McCain if their party didn’t win. The two democrates are both qualified and have similar views. We will be sorry to get anouther “Bush” in office for 4 years.

  13. pcsolotto Says:

    Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

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