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Kanawha library funding fight could have statewide consequences

August 31, 2007

By Anna Sale 

For 50 years, the Kanawha County School board has more than $2 million to the county library system – until now. Earlier this month, they said they would stop giving money to the library. They say they can’t spare it, and a recent court decision allows them to keep it. Library officials disagree. They say a new state law is on their side. And, they say they were blindsided by the cuts. They could lose one-third of their budget overnight. And they worry Kanawha County is just the first.


Dulcimer, banjo player ‘retires’ to music

August 31, 2007

By Emily Corio 

West Virginia is home to many talented musicians, especially in the bluegrass and old time music genres.  A lot of people learned how to play the music in the traditional way:  by watching people in their family or community.  This was also the case for Preston County musician, Bob Shank.

His love for string instruments started at a young age.  Family and a daytime job took some of his focus off of music, but now he’s turned back to music full time.  This spring he won first place in the old time banjo contest for people under 60 years old. Emily Corio recently interviewed Shank and has this story.

Historic Weirton Steel building coming down

August 31, 2007

By Keri Brown

Since Arcelor-Mittal bought its Weirton steel plant from ISG in 2005, nearly 1000 jobs have been cut. Earlier this month, company officials announced that the hot mill division is also closing down.  That means dozens more jobs will be lost at the Weirton plant.

Now there’s one more indicator of how things are changing in the steel town. A long-idle steel complex in the heart of downtown Weirton is being demolished, but local officials hope it’s only making room for new opportunities. Keri Brown reports.

Morgantown contractor buys Weston State Hospital

August 30, 2007

By Beth Vorhees 

WV PBS producer Larry Dowling attended the auction on the Lewis Co. Courthouse steps.

Mon Co. workers could pay road tax

August 30, 2007

By Emily Corio  

The Division of Highways has the responsibility to maintain the majority of roads in WV, but the DOH can’t afford to do it, let along build new roads. The growth in Monongalia Co. puts a lot of pressure on the current road system, so local officials may ask residents if they’re willing to pick up the tab for new and improved roads.

User fee may not help Eastern Panhandle traffic problems

August 30, 2007

By Cecelia Mason  

In the Eastern Panhandle, both Jefferson and Berkeley Counties have experienced rapid growth, but a user fee is not the answer to their traffic problems.

WV Lottery Headquarters Proposal Sparks Controversy

August 29, 2007

By Scott Finn 

For years, the state Lottery Commission has been trying to find a new home. First, Lottery officials wanted to move to Putnam County – but a lawsuit forced the agency to stay in Charleston. Now there’s a dispute about where in Charleston the new headquarters should go. 

Lottery officials have expressed interest in renovating a warehouse in Kanawha City. But the owner of another proposed site is accusing the Lottery of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, and threatening a lawsuit to stop the sale.