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Study looks at financial impact of ATV accidents

October 31, 2007

By Keri Brown 

West Virginia has the nation’s highest ATV death rate. Eleven people died in ATV crashes last month, which was a record high in the state. A recent study takes a closer look at the costs of ATV accidents. Keri Brown reports.


Charleston mayor discusses Megan Williams march

October 31, 2007

Local and national NAACP leaders say they do not support Saturday’s march that will call on prosecutors to file hate crimes charges in the Megan Williams case. Charleston Mayor Danny Jones says he doesn’t mind that the march will take place, but he wants people to be aware of the background of the march’s leader. Mayor Jones speaks with Beth Vorhees.

Kenova man turns home into The Pumpkin House

October 30, 2007

Ric Griffith has been carving thousands of pumpkins to display at his home for about 30 years. Beth Vorhees spoke to him about why and how he does it.

Lion investigator doubts animal is roaming Greenbrier County

October 30, 2007

By Greg Collard 

An exotic animal expert helping in the search for a male African lion in Greenbrier County now doubts it’s on the loose. John Forga has been helping look for a lion since bowhunter Jim Shortridge reported seeing one last week.

“The gentleman (Shortridge) seems real incredible. He doesn’t seem to be a fruitcake at all. But at this point in the game we’re pretty skeptical, because everybody in Greenbrier County is looking over the banks now. Every day that goes on and we can’t spot him, it doesn’t look good as far as being able to locate him. So, yeah, I think we’re a little skeptical now. It’s hard to tell what the gentleman could have seen.” 

Forga runs Tiger Mountain Refuge, a shelter for exotic animals in Rainelle. He has two people who have spent the last three nights in the woods around Cold Knob Mountain listening for the reported lion and trying to lure it with raw chicken. Forga says he’ll have a team spend the next four nights in the area as well.

“In the event that an African lion is walking around out there, it would have had to have come from a zoo, a private collection or from a circus or someone like that. There’s very few places an African lion can turn up from. Actually, we’ve been in contact with everybody around from probably a 400 to 500-mile radius that keeps these sorts of animals, and we’ve yet to be able to find anybody that’s admitted to having anything escape or being turned loose.” 

Forga is working with the Greenbrier County Animal Control office and the state Department of Environmental Protection in trying to locate lion. Forga already has one male African lion that he says weighs about 600 pounds.

Fenton Glass may stick around after all

October 30, 2007

Samuel Clements once remarked, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” And that may be the case for Fenton Glass.

In August, the company announced that it was shutting down its Wood County plant. But now there is some hope that the company’s days are not numbered. Keri Brown reports.

West Virginia and China

October 29, 2007

This week, reporter Scott Finn leaves for China to cover the trade delegation that Gov. Manchin is leading to that country. He talks to Beth Vorhees on West Virginia Morning about the stories he expects to follow.

Fenton Glass orders going up

October 29, 2007

By Keri Brown 

In August, Fenton Glass announced that it’s closing operations at its Wood County plant. Since then, there has been a resurgence of interest in the glass. And that has sparked hope among company officials to find a way to keep making glass in Williamstown.While the future of Fenton remains uncertain, this much we do know. It’s played an important part of the states glassmaking heritage for more than 100 years. Keri Brown takes us ona tour. A television version of this story ran Oct. 4, 2007, on Outlook. Here’s the radio version.