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Dissecting Garrison’s problems: Chronicle for Higher Education reporter discusses Bresch scandal

April 30, 2008

By Beth Vorhees

Beth Vorhees talks to Paul Fain, a reporter for the Chronicle for Higher Education. In February, Fains wrote about WVU President Mike Garrison in an article entitled “The Lobbyist as President.”


WVU President Garrison exchange with reporters over Heather Bresch report

April 30, 2008

West Virginia University President Mike Garrison responds to questions from reporters on the Heather Bresch MBA report.

Video: Click here to watch

Three Democrats seek to challenge Republican Capito

April 30, 2008

By Cecelia Mason

Democrats voting in the May primary will choose one of three candidates running for the second congressional district: Thornton Cooper, Anne Barth and Richie Robb. In the first of two reports, Cecelia Mason looks at each Democrat’s background.

Some independent, Obama voters having trouble at the West Virginia polls

April 30, 2008

By Scott Finn

This is the first year independent voters can vote in the Democratic primary in West Virginia. At least two Barack Obama supporters found out too late they can’t vote in the Democratic primary however – because they didn’t ask for the right type of ballot.

National trend: Lobbyists as Presidents

April 30, 2008

By Beth Vorhees

Reporter Paul Fain of The Chronicle for Higher Education speaks about the WVU MBA scandal.

Lang, Sears to return to teaching after Heather Bresch scandal

April 29, 2008

Earlier, we reported that two top-ranking officials at West Virginia University were resigning over their role in the Heather Bresch MBA scandal.

But it turns out, that’s not exactly true. Provost Gerald Lang and business school Dean R. Stephen Sears are leaving their administrative posts on June 30th – to return to teaching at WVU.

Lang will earn $200,000, down from his current salary of $243,000. Sears will earn $145,000, down from his current salary of $200,000.

Bresch is an executive at Mylan Incorporated, a generic drug maker whose chairman is a key WVU donor. She is also Governor Joe Manchin’s daughter.

Last week, an independent panel found that Lang, Sears and other top WVU officials were wrong to retroactively grant Bresch an MBA degree she did not earn.

Support, hostility greets Garrison at meeting

April 29, 2008
By Emily Corio

Usually, hardly anyone pays attention to meeting of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. But on Monday, a throng of reporters packed the room to hear WVU President Mike Garrison.

He was there to discuss a panel’s findings that top WVU officials used “seriously flawed” judgment last fall in retroactively awarding an MBA degree to Heather Bresch, the COO of pharmaceutical company Mylan Inc. and daughter of Governor Manchin. Garrison faced a mixture of support and hostility. Click here to read story.